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George Trefilov 3rd time filed for bankruptcy.  At his time in Great Britain.

January 31, 2015 was the deadline for applications from lenders to Trefilov G.Y., living in United Kingdom, London, 6, Russell Road, unemployed – as reported management Company CARTER BACKER WINTER LLP Carl James Bowles and Robin Hamilton Davis.

His own bankruptcy G. Trefilov declared in August 29, 2014, shortly after the judicial review in the High Court in London a claim of Alfa-Bank on the recognition in the UK Solutions of Meshchansky Court of Moscow dated October 13, 2008, and the recovery from Mr. Trefilov G.Y. debt of $ 15 million.

June 4, 2014 the High Court in London made a court decision on summary judgment procedure in favor of Alfa-Bank.


Since 2008, this is the third bankruptcy of Trefilov.The previous took place in Russia, Moscow - in relation to the company "Elekskor" LLC trade network operator of Grossmart network (bankrupt April 9, 2009) in Austria, Vienna (held in 2012).

The total amount creditors’ claims in Russia to “Elekskor” LCC amounted is estimated about 10 billion rubles ($ 370 million at the time of bankruptcy in 2009). In Austria during the bankruptcy procedures of the head structure of the Holding Marta – “Marta Unternemensberatungs GmbH” (MUG) requirements made - $ 150 million.

In Russia, the list of creditors consisted of large banks such as “Sberbank”, “Alfa-Bank”, “Surgutneftegazbank”, “Rus - Bank”, “BTF Bank” and the tax authorities of the Russian Federation. In Austria, the main creditor was the English investment fund “Ashmore Capital”.

For nearly five years Trefilov had been hiding from Russian law enforcement agencies in Europe in recent years he lives in the UK. Numerous officially put forward amounts of debt and the damage are no less than 1.9 billion rubles which is the average exchange rate of the MICEX in 2008 approx. $ 75 million.

Regardless of the volume of outstanding commitments, Trefilov for a long time had been moving around Europe (using forged documents), lived in several countries, currently with his family he lives in one of the most expensive capitals of the world - London; without a clear source of income, businessman holds an army of expensive lawyers from well-known Peters & Peters (by the way, often providing services to fugitive oligarch from Russia).

A couple of years ago, in Britain, the hearing  of “BTA” Bank against Mukhtar Ablyazov was held with the participation of the same lawyer that conducted the case of Trefilov extradition to Russia - G. Usorova (Galina Usorova).

Moreover - if necessary (when the clouds are gathering) - Trefilov does not hesitate to organize   PR-campaign he needs in the media of the first magnitude, where he confidently stated that he intends to engage in business in the UK, as well as  is a wealthy person,  even involved  in charity (see. BBC Interview on May 16, 2013 here).

Apparently, the debts and losses from his business activities Trefilov has firmly decided to leave Russia - that is, for me and you.

Otherwise - those imposing amounts which he considered proper to spend during 5 years of traveling throughout Europe and actually invested in other countries – could be voluntarily returned by him to the banks which suffered sustainable financial losses as well as to the State which had paid his debts.

Now, after recognizing himself in England a bankrupt [once again] and in the case of granting refugee status, he would be able to live relatively peacefully, to avoid criminal proceedings at home and even to receive financial benefits from the British authorities (about 600 pounds per month), will be entitled to education, social benefits for himself and members of his family and much more.


He's a victim, you understand? Yes, even the unemployed.

A picture of the house at 6, Russell Road, near Kensington Underground Station, where there is one of the most prestigious areas of London. The average price of apartments on the street varies from 1.2 million pounds.

In this house lives G.Yu.Trefilov unemployed, Beneficiary and ex-President of “Marta” Holding, accused Russia of art. 176 of the Criminal Code (illegal loans) Part 4, Art. 159 (Fraud).