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5 February 2014
PART I “For Russia every entrepreneur is valuable, even the smallest one.”   2008 certainly became a turning point for Trefilov. In that year, he lost everything: the business, the Russian and German partners, gone was his market position, as well as the trust of many people who worked with him. The myth created by Trefilov about liquidity and benefits of his "super profitable" assets was destroyed in a few months.
4 February 2014
04.02.2014 PART I THE BIG STORY The tale about Trefilov would not be objective if we do not recall the "corruption" scandal. The big story was the conviction of Victor Gvozdev on charges of fraud, which in 2013 became the main basis of Trefilov’s alibi in the Russian and British media. In this tale of "blatant extortion" the central figure and the main villain was a mere pensioner and hapless fraudster Victor Gvozdev.
4 February 2014
  In May 2013, after the trial in Lewes Trefilov was released, receiving a mere 18 month suspended sentence for his use of two fake documents. He commented on the infamous incident with a look of a “tired celebrity” – “Well, of course, it was stupid,” and then he continues to stick to his lines.
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