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TOP 13 QUESTIONS TO GEORGY TREFILOV, to which nobody ever got any answers


  1. Does Georgy Trefilov truly believe in what he says in the media about himself, his "success" in business and about Russia? 
  2. How does Georgy Trefilov distinguish truth from falsehood?
  3. We have noticed that Mr. Trefilov’s PR activity falls on spring and autumn. With what can this be linked?
  4. Is it true to assume that the deception with the false passport and the lying about 79th place in FORBES Russia top 100 for 2011 - are the result of Mr. Trefilov’s deep conviction that the world around him is made up of idiots?
  5. How many times in his life has the "fighter against corruption" Georgy Trefilov given bribes completely voluntary?
  6. Does Georgy Trefilov himself know how much he owes?
  7. How much money did businessman Georgy Trefilov foolishly lose as a result of his enterprise?
  8. How much of the total debt has he managed to "withdraw" from Russia?
  9. In the opinion of Mr. Trefilov himself, how different would his life be if he never met the REWE group?
  10. Does Mr. Trefilov remember of the thousands of his former employees, who paid for his "professionalism" and "honesty" with long job searches (due to the criminal reputation of MARTA Holding) and multiple debts, taken out because of constant delays in salaries and meager payments to their pension accounts (Mr. Trefilov preferred paying in "envelopes")? Would Mr. Trefilov like to apologize to them for his enterprising?
  11. Could it be that Trefilov loves Russia less than the money that he owes to his homeland?
  12. Are you proud of yourself Georgy Y. Trefilov? I mean, you - Russian Bogatyr?
  13. Does Mr. Trefilov like our site?