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4 March 2015
Source: BBC Russian Service
published: Date: March 4, 2015 Cambodia is ready to seriously consider Russia's request for the extradition of Russian businessman Sergei Polonsky, said the head of the Cambodian Foreign Minister Hor Namhong after meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.
1 February 2015
George Trefilov 3rd time filed for bankruptcy.  At his time in Great Britain. January 31, 2015 was the deadline for applications from lenders to Trefilov G.Y., living in United Kingdom, London, 6, Russell Road, unemployed – as reported management Company CARTER BACKER WINTER LLP Carl James Bowles and Robin Hamilton Davis.
29 January 2015
Moscow branch of Russian Agency of legal and judicial information announced that Sergei Polonsky December 10, 2014 won a lawsuit to “FTSCR” Construction Company for more than 2 billion rubles: The Moscow Arbitration Court partially granted a claim of structure company of “Potok” group (former Mirax Group) of Sergei Polonsky, to “Avanta “ LLC  and ordered to recover from “FTSCR” Closed Joint Stock Company  2,119 billion rubles,  Russian News Agency of Legal and Judicial Information was told on Wednesday in court.
18 December 2014
Despite the request of the authorities, the runaway businessman intends to stay on the island of Ko-Dec-Kul, which he had previously bought. As Sergey Polonsky’s lawyer said.  According to the lawyer, the Russian businessman is now absorbed in his work and plans to implement on his island in Cambodia, a number of investment projects, so there is no need to leave the Co-Dec-Kul, the lawyer said.  Meanwhile, the Russian businessman has no intention to go back to Russia also. 
16 December 2014
According to a source in the Prosecutor General's Office of Cambodia, the Office has received from the Russian authorities a new request for the extradition of a businessman Sergei Polonsky.
26 October 2014
15.04.2014 On March 20 2014 S. Polonsky was again indicted of large-scale fraud. Despite the refusal for extradition from Cambodia, the accused is still pursued by the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation under the Article 159 Part 4 of the Criminal Code, which of recent time became a shadow to the once known entrepreneur.
24 October 2014
It is possible that in light of new criminal proceedings Polonsky had fears that the Russian law enforcers this time will be able to provide the authorities of Cambodia more arguments and evidence for his extradition. In this case it is necessary to record episodes of "unfair" attacks on his reputation in the press, so as to present the "facts" of so-called "persecution" in the host country. All to give an opportunity for local lawyers to again "close" the issue and using far-fetched reasons achieve the denial of extradition to Russia.
23 October 2014
Source: RIA Novosti
Published: Date: October, 23, 2014
29 September 2014
Over the past year, Polonsky changed three lawyers - D. Tatosova, A.Karabanov andA.Dobrovinsky–with whom, according to S.Polonsky, he's going be at suit in the High Court in London. According to A. Karabanov, his exclusion from the defense case of Polonsky associated with the suspension of the investigation in Moscow, and the parties have no mutual claims.


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