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London's High Court issued a ruling in favor of Alfa-Bank in the action against Trefilov


Since 2008, the "Alfa-Bank" persistently trying to recover in the courts of Moscow, and in the next few years all over Europe, from one of the notorious debtors in bankruptcy G. Trefilov a large amount of debt - more than $ 15 million.

Litigation on this issue took place in Russia, Austria and ended up in England summer 2014 in favor of the plaintiff. Bank representatives - attorneys and lawyers, no doubt, have done a great job - as the former President of "Marta" Holding, for six years has been demonstrating no less persistence and inexhaustible imagination at times to avoid liability to the Bank and the payment of existing debt. In the course were manipulation of facts, PR-support, abuse of civil rights and the tireless work of lawyers.

As follows from the decision of the High Court in London, Trefilov already tried to prolong the judicial investigation in a third country, once again artificially without having to do any real basis and without documented evidence (original here).

The decision of the High Court in London is not just a serious and voluminous legal document.

It is actually a story about how a former retailer George Trefilov, appealing to British justice for help in search of natural justice actually confessed in multiple abuses of civil rights, really gross distortion of the events and the complete inability to be liable for his financial obligations in civilized way.

Therefore, the text of Judgment is worth reading (the site gives the original and translation into Russian); the article will outline some of the facts only.