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12th January 2014, the Court of Phnom Penh (Cambodia) released from custody Sergei Polonsky, who was arrested in absentia by Tverskoy District Court of Moscow on charges of embezzling 5.7 billion rubles from the holders of the residential complex "Kutuzovskaya Mile". In the end extradition to Russia did not take place. 

On the other hand the media-attacks made by Polonsky continued on.

As reported by the media, citing sources in the law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs, the request made by Prosecutor General's Office for the extradition of the businessman Polonsky was considered and then legally recognized by Cambodian court, but postponed due to some mysterious reasons and procedural nuances in the Khmer Criminal Code.

The official reason, according to the law enforcement authorities, was that the case of tormenting sailors in relation to Polonsky is still to be conducted in Cambodia. 

In response, Polonsky’s lawyers said that the Court of Phnom Penh refused to extradite Polonsky to Russia, finding him not only not guilty by Cambodian law (curious, how can Cambodian law be applied to Russian law?), but also consider him a useful member of society, active investor in Cambodian economy, honest businessman, etc... In addition, as indicated in publications, Polonsky declared in court that he seriously fears for his life in Russia.

Apparently, the latter played a decisive role in the case. Without a doubt, the history of Cambodia (the old name - Kampuchea) clearly and repeatedly demonstrated the world kindness, peacefulness and even sentimentality of its people.

This effect was further strengthened with documents (the Phnom Penh Court decision) placed in the MK newspaper, including a notarized from Khmer acquittal. Mr. Polonsky did not stop at that and made (through his lawyers) several repetitive statements of intent to invest in the Cambodian economy up to 800 million dollars, to build up the islands with hotels, to bring any and all possible good. He even expressed willingness to live and die as a made-again Cambodian national.

As for the refunds to affected citizens of the project "Kutuzovskaya mile", Polonsky seems to have fully entrusted in the competence of the Moscow court, which seized $ 100 million assets from the businessman. From the words of the lawyer, Polonsky was pleased with this decision, as he himself "had long wanted to settle with the real estate investors."

In response to above statement the media informed, citing a source in the Prosecutor General's Office, that a new criminal case is to be opened under article "Theft" (perhaps Russian law enforcement agencies have become more attentive in the finer points of international law). This case is related to another one of the notorious construction projects belonging to Polonsky – the residential development "Rublevskaya Riviera". The real estate investors did not get the apartments under similar circumstances as in previously mentioned "Kutuzovskaya mile". Several famous athletes were named among the victims.

Polonsky’s lawyers countered this by saying that at the current time S.Y. Polonsky takes part in the newly initiated proceedings as a witness. Then without delay they have announced a set of legal actions prepared for the courts of Moscow with respect to "the protection of honor and dignity" of S.Y. Polonsky.

According to the lawyers, the defendants will include numerous presenters and journalists, who called the businessman a “fraud", as well as A. Lebedev. The fugitive businessman is determined to get one billion rubles from Lebedev in moral damages for remarks in his address of "accusatory and disrespectful" nature. 

In the last year the number of publications in the media devoted to Sergei Polonsky exceeded 500. For George Trefilov in the recent years that number is about 100. Polonsky uses his lawyers as spokesmen, inventing "news" as he “goes along”, mainly for the tabloids. On the other hand Trefilov prefers epic scale interviews with formal portraits. Well, to each his own.

Comments, as they say, are unnecessary.



The judicial PR of Polonsky


To this day Sergey Polonsky remains in Cambodia, where he continues to complain about the work of the Russian courts. In this, however, he is not alone, especially when it comes to the semantics and validity of judgements. Following the “bizarre” arguments made by Trefilov before the High Court of London, where he tried in vain to challenge his obligations to Alfa-Bank, Sergey Polonsky, guided by the same logic, intends to cancel his wanted status, both federal and international. Let us recall, that Trefilov, while explaining in London his reluctance to pay the multimillion debt to Alfa-Bank, refers to his alleged “unawareness” about the debts and court hearings because of the change of registered address. On the contrary, Polonsky demands his removal from the wanted list because his current residence is well-known to the law enforcement agencies – Cambodia, and therefore it is absolutely pointless to search for him. Indeed, you could say, he asks to be able to live and let live!